How does customer experience affect the attitude to the product?

Unpackaging experience is part of the experiences which occur when a customer interacts with a brand. How coffee and tea manufacturers can address and improve it?

Howard Schultz, Starbucks’ CEO, once said: the secret of his franchise’s popularity is not in the coffee itself but in the experience of drinking and buying it. Experiences matter a huge deal: remember all the “unpackaging” video you’ve seen. Not only mobile devices and house electronics — they’re covering beauty products, toys, books, anything a reviewer can deem worthy.

Customer experience

So, how coffee and tea manufacturers can “employ” the unpacking process and use it to empower their brand, to speak louder and clearer to their audience? The main secret is to learn customer journey.

Howard says: despite the fact Starbucks uses classic bags to sell its coffee, their design — its graphic aspect along with its form, color, and additional messages on the packaging — is blended together to create an impression that associates with emotions the franchise wants to convey.

Have you ever bought something only because its bag or package would look good at your kitchen? Just because this something looks good or makes you feel better? Or, to reuse package after the “main product” is used? (For instance, it happens with a liquid soap a lot.) That what we’re talking about. Good packaging is something people want to keep. It’s a bag that is good as a separate product.

Let’s take coffee, for instance. Coffee is one of the main elements of the morning routine for millions of people. They see that coffee bag first thing in their day. How can you use that? How can you improve thousands of Mondays, make them less miserable and happier, or encourage your buyers to keep up with the good mood? Quality packaging does all that. Or, for instance, where will your bag go after the coffee is ended? If it’s a can or a bag with a zip, it can be used later. Is it pretty/comfortable enough to use again — moreover, to make it a constant in the kitchen?

Put in a bag something that will add value to the overall experience. If that’s coffee that needs to be put in a special can after customer unpacks it, because it cannot stand properly? Or, is it a bag that doesn’t keep itself in a “closed” state and customers needs additional paper clips, begs or something else to close it? Pit that “something” in the bag. Make making coffee practical, comfortable, and fast.

Reduce the amount of interactions a customer has to make in order to drink that coffee: a bright, visible tear notch — instead of the need to look for scissors to open the bag; a flat bottom which can keep a bag standing — instead of the need to keep the bag in the hand for it not to fall over.

All that may seem irrelevant, but think about that: it costs 5-25 times more to acquire a new client than to retain an old one. At the same time, people who see and experience the great service and feel that a brand cares about them agree to spend more money on that brand’s products. Even small improvements in customer experience have a tremendous effect on revenue.

What to choose is up to you :)

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