Packaging as brand manifestation

Film lamination

Why do we pack coffee, foods, household chemicals, spices or any other goods?
Naturally, packaging (design, shape, material) promotes SALES.
Functionally, it helps to keep product properties for as long as possible during:
  • storage,
  • transportation,
  • presentation (on store shelves).
What may spoil product inside packaging?
  1. Light. Ultraviolet and other types of radiation accelerate adverse reactions in products.
  2. Air. Products contain aerobes. If oxygen gets into packaging, they breathe and oxidize the product. For instance, coffee or tea. The product loses its aroma and changes its flavor.
  3. Moisture. If it penetrates inside the packaging, it will create conditions for the development of microorganisms, product life will become shorter. The appearance and performance of the package itself will also deteriorate.
  4. Heat. It accelerates all adverse reactions.

The way we protect products in multilayer packaging

There is no single packaging material yet that would equally well protect against all adverse factors.
Therefore, packaging manufacturers laminate (glue) several monofilms with different features. They thus produce multi-layer films (laminates), which are called according to the sequence of abbreviations of the composing materials inwards. For example, in PET / Al / PE:
The external layer is polyethylene terephthalate (PET), the medium layer is aluminum foil (Al),
and the internal layer is polyethylene (PE).
A sandwich of monofilm layers is made for each type of product, its storage and transportation, as well as its weight.
This is the logic of making a sandwich, that is the sequence of layers during lamination, based on the example of a three-layer material (triplex):
  • The external layer stands for the protection from environmental impact and the basis for design printing. Usually these are biaxially oriented polyester, polypropylene or polyamide films, kraft paper.
  • The medium layer ensures barrier properties (UV protection, gas proofing).
  • The internal layer stands for sealing the packaging. The internal layer must provide high thermal sealing performance (we call it a thermal layer). The interal layer is always either polyethylene (PE) or polypropylene (PP).
If the product in the package does not need any extra barrier, we make a 2-layer material (duplex) – the thermal layer inside and the printing layer outside.
There may be single material packages if the product does not need any special protection (cookies, corn curls), but they need a very economical solution.

Solvent and non-solvent lamination

Generally, here are the main advantages of lamination:
  • Laminated (glued) materials stay transparent,
  • Final multilayer film has new physical and mechanical properties,
  • Lamination may be used to glue nearly any polymer materials,
  • This is beneficial when limited volume of film is needed,
  • Multilayer film is of almost the same thickness (it is important for automated packers).
Speaking about laminated, that is glued films – we mean the use of glue. And the use of glue used to be possible only with a solvent.

Non-solvent lamination
This technology was developed in response to the demands of the manufacturers of foods for children and other food products, which require special conditions.
Non-solvent adhesives (to put it simple, sticking substances) do not contain solvents and have a certain type of gluing substance, which consists of two components that react and require no drying.
Benefits of non-solvent lamination:
  • No need to install special drying systems, thus, meaning time savings,
  • High environmental friendliness.
Aris production can offer solvent and non-solvent laminators for different types of tasks and products.
Aris Ltd. has been a think-tank of novelties on the flexible packaging market of Ukraine since 1992. We make both individual packaging with rotogravure printing and universal bags of diverse colours for you.

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