What is a flexible roll packaging

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We produce ready-made bags and roll packaging with rotogravure printing.
Flexible roll packaging is a single- or multilayer laminate (polymer) with or without printing, at your request. It is used to form packaging on vertical or horizontal packaging lines.
Key benefits of flexible roll packaging compared to other kinds of packaging:
  1. Lightweight properties (compared to other types of packaging, convenient transportation).
  2. Durability (scratch, shock and shape resistant).
  3. Barrier properties (owing to the combination of materials, it protects the product from the adverse environmental effect).
  4. Cost efficiency (low cost). It is much cheaper to shi and store products in this packaging.
  5. Presentable appearance (printing on the whole surface of the packaging, an opportunity to easily and frequently change deigns).
Flexible roll packaging may be made of single- and multilayer film for any kind of food and non-food production.
For each product we manufacture multilayer films with their specific barrier properties.

About barrier properties of roll packaging

Naturally, the packaging encourages sales (with design, shape and material).
In terms of the functionality – the objective is to store the product as long as possible during:
  • Storage,
  • Shipping ,
  • Presentation (on the store shelf). 
What may spoil the product inside packaging?
  1. Light. Ultraviolet and other types of radiation accelerate adverse reactions in products.
  2. Air. Products contain aerobes. Provided oxygen penetrates the package, they breathe and oxidize the product. For example, coffee or tea. The product loses its aroma and changes its flavour.
  3. Moisture. Providing penetration into the package, moisture creates the conditions for the microorganisms development, and products go bad faster. In addition, the appearance and operating properties of the packaging will also deteriorate.
  4. Heat. It accelerates all reactions: mechanical impact — dynamic (pushes and vibration) and static (compression).

Sequence of alternating layers in lamination

Тo packaging material has been developed yet to protect equally well from all adverse factors. Therefore, we laminate (glue) a number of single films with different properties. Thus, we create multilayer films (laminates), which are called following the sequence of abbreviations of the material components inwards. For instance, in PET/Al/PE: the outer layer is polyethylene terephthalate (PET), the medium layer is aluminum foil (Al) and the inner layer is polyethylene (PE). The sandwich of single film layers is custom-made for each type of product, depending on its storage, shipping and weight.
Here is the logic of making a sandwich, i.e. the sequence of alternating layers in lamination, based on the example of a three-layer material (triplex):
  1. outer layer – protection from environmental impact and the basis for the design printing. Normally these are biaxially oriented polyester, polypropylene, or nylon films, and kraft paper;
  2. medium layer – barrier properties (from UV-rays, from gas permeabilty etc.);
  3. inner layer – package sealing. The inner layer must be of good heat sealability (we call it a thermal coating). The inner layer is always either polyethylene (PE), or polypropylene (PP).
If the product packaging does not need an additional barrier, then we can make a 2-layer material (duplex) where the thermal coating inside and the outer layer for printing.
There may be also a single layer material, if the product does not need any special protection (biscuits, corn curls) and there an economical offer is needed.

Only required and sufficient packaging material

Each manager in our company is deeply knowledgeable in the specifics of customer’s business and products. This is a multitasking specialist, a technologist – a pressman – colorist – a consultant at the same time.
Many of our managers have the experience of working in the production and they know all the specific features of printing, film lamination, and bag making. Each manager is present when their orders are printed and supervises the process.
We consciously get the insights of your business and offer you only required and sufficient packaging material. We do not create a too complicated and sophisticated film where it is unnecessary.
We identify for you any conditions, which your product package might get into and prevent any breakage, leakage and otherwise.
We know how to optimize packaging costs.
We know how to make your product unique and recognizable.

It is easy to custom-make printed film:
  1. Write to us at sales@aris-pack.pl, indicating the product to be packed.
  2. Send us the mockup of the design of your packaging (requirements to mockups are here).
  3. We will discuss the optimal material from the viewpoint of the product storage, technical specifications of packaging on your equipment.
  4. If you are willing to, we will eagerly discuss the selling elements of packaging with your marketing department based on our long experience and knowledge of trends.
  5. We will sign a contract, an order for manufacturing and fulfil your order.
Please, contact us!
Aris Ltd. has been a think-tank of novelties on the flexible packaging market of Ukraine since 1992. We make both individual packaging with rotogravure printing and universal bags of diverse colours for you.

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