Packaging for groceries: what is important for retail consumers

Grocery packaging

Cereals, cornflakes, flour, pasta, sugar, milk powder, starch, food concentrates, yeast, tea and tea drinks, coffee and coffee drinks, chiccory, herbal mixes, dried fruit, nuts and dried berries, vegetable oils, salt, vinegar, spices…
These are various basic long shelf-life products.
They are normally called groceries.
In Russian this is the word “бакалея” was borrowed from Arabic bakkal, which means a seller of spices.
Do you remember Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s book “The Club-Footed Grocer”? You immediately imagine a small shop full of jars with spices, bags of flour and sugar, coffee and tea tins. Smoked products over there, soap bars and matches in the corner, a row of Betty lamps …
Packaging for groceries: what is important for retail consumers:
  • a durable pinhole resistant pouch that does not leak,
  • a moisture-proof pouch,
  • partial packaging transparency for the buyer to see the product.

What is important for you – our customer:

  • packing flour, cereals and sugar is usually simultaneous with packing on vertical form-fill-seal machines, therefore, rolled packaging material must slide well,
  • the products of this group usually dust. Consequently, sealing must be durable, even if product particles get onto it,
  • numerous opportunities to stand out – quality of printing (rotogravure), an appealing shape (doy packs, quad seal bags (stabilo) with transparent side walls or innovative flat bottom pouches).

Multilayer films for packaging

Over many years of working with grocery manufacturers we have developed the best performing two-layer and three-layer laminates (multilayer packaging films):
  • РР/ВОРРpearl
  • MattOPP/BOPP
  • Kraft Paper/VMPET/LDPE

Innovative solutions preferred by our customers

  1. Kraft look pouches (breathing material and the product does not go bad or rot) with transparent facets (sides) or a window. Kraft paper/PE laminate.
  2. Bulk fine product stand up pouches (sugar, flour, cereals) with spouts or zippers. We use PET/PE laminate to make nice-looking stable spout doy packs.
Aris Ltd. has been a think-tank of novelties on the flexible packaging market of Ukraine since 1992. We make both individual packaging with rotogravure printing and universal bags of diverse colours for you.

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