Quality now and simulation of film properties through time

Aris quality control system

Our laboratory controls physical, biological and chemical risks at all the stages of the packaging production cycle.
Film properties are studied in the laboratory according to the following parameters:
  • Thickness,
  • Organoleptic indicators,
  • Strength and relative tensile strength,
  • Film resistance to aggressive media,
  • Color and light reflection,
  • Gluing quality (mutual adhesion) of layers,
  • Warping,
  • Seal strength.
Our laboratory equipment:
  • Film tensile strength test devices;
  • Testers for selecting optimal sealing modes;
  • Heat chambers;
  • Electronic scale;
  • Dynamometers, micrometers etc.

Incoming Quality

Incoming control 
Our laboratory checks each batch of raw materials, coming to our production (polyethylene, polypropylene and other polymer materials, adhesives and paints) from the suppliers for quality certificates, conformity to hygienic standards and specifications to the materials.
We work only with tested global manufacturers of films, glues and paints.
Interim control
At any stage of the production process the laboratory carried out its interim additional selective control of semi-finished products.

Outgoing Quality

Outgoing product control 
Our produced laminated films are checked by the Quality control department for:
  1. Polymer odor according to the established procedure.
  2. Printing quality and its sustainability: printing at the beginning of the batch production must be the same in color and intensity to the printing quality at the end of the batch.
  3. Lamination quality. The Quality control department checks films for layers tensile strength.
  4. Finished seal strength.
Aris Ltd. has been a think-tank of novelties on the flexible packaging market of Ukraine since 1992. We make both individual packaging with rotogravure printing and universal bags of diverse colours for you.

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