What is rotogravure printing?

Rotogravure printing

Printing on film is made with a rotogravure shaft (plate, mold), on which the original image is engraved with a laser. The paint is in grooves and impressing on the material leaves the required image on the film.
The material surface tension absorbs the paint from the grooves on the shaft. Different depths of printing elements on the printing shaft varies depending on the intensity of light and shade component of the original image. Therefore, rotogravure printing enables the imprints to have the paint layers of different thickness and create the finest gradation of shades and hues.
Aris production facilities are equipped with multicolour (8 colours) rotogravure machine. It means that the image on your packaging is applied by 8 printing shafts in sequence.
This printing method is ideal for packaging materials based on metallized lavsan (PET), aluminum foil and polypropylene.

Rotogravure printing has a number of benefits

  • high printing speed;
  • ideal image reproduction within one batch and on repeated ones;
  • rotogravure ensures very high precision of image transmission – even fine or tiny design elements;
  • molds feature high run length meaning in professional jargon that it is possible to perform multimillion imprints with no equipment downtime;
  • high quality sustainability due to printing technology efficiency;
  • virtually unlimited color range, high intensity and brightness of images.

What product will the buyer select?

Packaging is often the only tool of brand communication. When a buyer looks at the row of similar products on the shelf – which one will be taken?
  1. Create a memorable design, which will highlight your product in the competition.
  2. Tell the buyer about you, your benefits and values using the logo, an appealing image, a plain and clear text on the packaging.
In turn, we will provide you with high quality printing and help to communicate with your buyer the way you expect.

We render services

We surprise new customers, when we say that we do not sell bags or roll materials. We render a service of product packaging. We assist our customer. This is our approach to business. We provide problem solutions for you.
We understand that you – our customer – do not need just bags or rolls. You need to sell you goods: present, store and ship.
This is where we help.
We offer our customers the service of producing roll materials or stock finished bags of multi-layer polymer materials, and also rotogravure printing on packaging.
When you speak to our managers, it is as if you spoke to the technology, market, color and printing specialists at the same time. Because many of our managers have production experience and know all process details from inside. Each manager is present when his or her projects are printed and supervises the process.
Over 25 years of the company operations we have gained solutions for the most interesting and challenging tasks.
We can apply full-color surface or interlayer rotogravure printing on any material.
Aris Ltd. has been a think-tank of novelties on the flexible packaging market of Ukraine since 1992. We make both individual packaging with rotogravure printing and universal bags of diverse colours for you.

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