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The global sport nutrition market is rapidly growing. From $28.37 bn. In 2016 to $45.27 bn. till 2022 – this is the forecast made by the American research agency Zion Market Research.
Sport nutrition and supplements were developed for professional sportsmen and body-builders to improve overall health and grow muscles. But they started to be consumed by a wider audience of fitness and healthy lifestyle conscious people.
What is the worst thing that may happen to a powder product when stored?
Dampening. It can provoke the development of pathological bacteria and lead to sportsman’s poisoning.
Therefore, the packaging material must be airproof.

What kind of packaging should sport nutrition have (laminate composition)?

We are most often contacted by powder sport nutrition manufacturers.
Their products include:
  • protein cocktails, mono-ingredient and mixed carbohydrates,
  • carbohydrate-protein mixes,
  • amino-acids,
  • products for joints and tendon strengthening (collagen, glucosamine),
  • fat burners,
  • special products (creatine, anticatabolics),
  • testosterone boosters,
  • vitamins and vitamin & mineral complexes.
We have developed multilayer polymer materials with a metallized layer, which have varrier properties, protect products from light, sun rays and moisture, mechanical damaging when shipping and storing.
The most suitable laminates are PET/Al/PE, PET/PE, PET/VMPET/PE.

Pouches for sport nutrition

A consumer spends just 3 seconds to realize whether a product is attractive to him or her or not. During this time the person sees the shape, designs and large letters on the packaging.
An appealing shape and interesting design = a stand up pouch (doy pack):
  • ultra-durable, though soft and light (unlike large jars and hard packages),
  • takes little space at home,
  • easy to add any design with rotogravure printing,
  • sealing with a zipper (easy to open/close),
  • rounded edges (protection from holes when shipped - safety for the consumer),
  • may have a convenient handle.
The most popular package size is 250-1000 g.
To order sport nutrition packaging contact by e-mail: sales@aris-pack.pl or by phone: +48 22 39 06 391; +48 22 39 06 491

The reasons for this sport nutrition market booming are:

  • growing trend for healthy lifestyle,
  • increasing number of sport amateurs and fitness fans of all ages,
  • popularization of jogging, new jogging communities, encouragement to participate in marathons and semi-marathons,
  • high attention to such methods as the system of cross-fit circuit training,
  • non-professional championships,
  • growing number of sports clubs and fitness centres,
  • fitness and athletics facilities development,
  • release of books, blogs, YouTube-channels on running, fitness, healthy lifestyle and an opportunity to do sports individually,
  • expansion of sales channels for sport nutrition.
Aris Ltd. has been a think-tank of novelties on the flexible packaging market of Ukraine since 1992. We make both individual packaging with rotogravure printing and universal bags of diverse colours for you.

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