Coffee Estate: Top-10 Coffee Roasters in Ukraine to Be Proud of

Many believe that the most valuable traded commodity worldwide after oil is coffee. Another widely spread statement claims that a coffee selling startup is a Klondike, so it is no surprise that every month there are emerging more and more roasters in the coffee market of Ukraine.
However, to buy coffee and label it with a website name or a logo does not yet mean to be a roaster.
The independent information resource on the global coffee culture Coffee Estate singled out 10 coffee manufacturers that definitely provide quality products, good service and have their production facilities.
It is pleasant to see that the rating includes all our customers!

Svit Kavy

The company started its in-house roasting in 2012 in Lviv. Since then Svit Kavy has been working with coffee at different stages: from the procurement of the unique and quality beans and supplies directly from plantations, to ready beverages in cups. To roast specialty quality coffee beans, the production facilities use Dutch equipment made by Giesen. Anyone can try coffee by Svit Kavy in over a hundred coffee places throughout Ukraine and in several coffee shops in Poland. The most popular varieties with customers are: Kenyan Style Ethiopia Bensa, Kenya Spikes & Gifted, washed treatment, Columbia Alma de Huila, natural treatment.
Instagram: @svkavy.roastery

Funt Coffee

The company was founded in 2011 in the city of Dnipro. The production facilities are equipped with roaster Probat L12. For 4 years already the team have been travelling in search of the coffee plantations and green beans procurement from farmers. Nevertheless, they get the supplies of African coffee from European merchant 32Cup. The company customers include coffee connoisseurs, i.e. who are professional and knowledgeable in the coffee area and value specialty coffee, as well as those who are just starting their way of learning about quality coffee, but appreciate Funt Kavy efforts and would like to work together. You can taste coffee roasted by this company in Dnipro in its own coffee shops: WHITE Coffeebar, Shepit, Bila Strila, Bila Strila 2D.

Instagram: @funtcoffee

Instagram: @cafeboutique.ua

Instagram: @illusione.ua

Палярня Чехович
Instagram: @chehovych

Kyiv City Roast
Instagram: @kyiv_city_roast

Black Nuare

Instagram: @fresh.black.okay

Mad Heads
Instagram: @madheadscoffeeroasters

Gemini Espresso

Instagram: @geminiespresso
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