Confidentiality Statement

Confidentiality Statement

This Statement is developed to protect confidential information of buyers, website visitors and other customers (hereinafter the Customers) of ISPE Aris Ltd for the performance of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU) 2016/679.

ISPE Aris Ltd undertakes to ensure secure storage of confidential information and process it in compliance with the requirements of the legislation in force.

Data collection on the website implies entering the information below:
  1. Company name
  2. Name and surname of the consignee
  3. Consignee’s address
  4. E-mail
  5. Phone number
Providing online order placement, the company may require additional information to confirm the buyer’s status, his/her/its location and details, as well as data to document the deal. These additional documents may be scanned state registration documents.

Data collection may be performed by other persons via the company website (during face to face meetings, questionnaires etc.).

ISPE Aris Ltd. undertakes to receive Customer’s respective consent at each fact of data collection and inform his/her/it of this Statement rules.

On its website ISPE Aris Ltd. uses Cookie files for more convenient interaction with our website, services and the reflection of personalized advertisements (retargeting). More information on cookie files may be seen at https://www.allaboutcookies.org.

The objectives for the above data collection are:
  • customer’s personal account management;
  • provision of ordered work, services, transfer of goods, order management;
  • payment processing;
  • informing Customers of special offers, activities, novelties, forthcoming events and other information about the company and its products.
The customer who provides information is responsible for its reliability.
ISPE Aris Ltd. warrants the use of confidential information for the above purpose only.
ISPE Aris Ltd. warrants that confidential information will not be transferred to any third person, except for the cases, this transfer is required by Law. Upon request of a governmental body, a law-enforcement agency of judicial authorities ISPE Aris Ltd. may disclose confidential information.

ISPE Aris Ltd. warrants its Customers the opportunity to:
  • view and edit their personal information at the company website – in case of collecting the information via the website;
  • receive information about the content of the data on him/her/itself, being stored and processed by the company;
  • contact the company support service at +38 (057) 373-77-85 or by electronic mail sales@aris.ua or info@aris.ua;
  • recall the consent for processing and storing confidential information, implement his/her/its right to access, modify, delete, restrict data.
Pursuant to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) the Customer is entitled to recall his/her/its consent for processing his/her/its personal information exercise his/her/its right to access, modify, delete, restrict data. The deletion of personal data may prevent ISPE Aris Ltd. from providing the customer with the service, work, transfer of goods, which will be communicated to the customer.

To recall the consent for processing his/her/its personal information, exercising the right to access, modify, delete, restrict, object or transmit data, the Customer should contact us by Aris Ltd Ukraine, 62302 Kharkiv region, Derhachivsky district, Derhachi, 4 Zaliznychna str.

ISPE Aris Ltd. warrants that all personal information received from the Customers will be securely stored.
ISPE Aris Ltd. undertakes to comply with all technical requirements and perform necessary security and safety verifications to avoid any loss, improper use, change or unauthorized access to the personal information by third persons.
ISPE Aris Ltd. keeps electronic records of confidential information indicating available data, the source, from which it was received, as well as the recipient of the data from the company. The person in charge for keeping personal data, records and exercising Customer’s rights under this Statement is appointed by the order of the Company director.

For the Customer to exercise his/her/its rights hereunder, ISPE Aris Ltd. has its authorized representative in the EU, which Customers must be notified of.
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