Requirements to artwork designs

Prepress activities

The quality of prepress artwork design (layout) determines the quality of engraving printing shafts and the production of the whole batch. Our team perform prepress preparation of your artwork designs. We finish the layouts to adapt to our 8-color rotogravure machine. The extensive experience helps us to foresee potential difficulties in printing and avoid them by further development or fine adjustments to the original layout.

Requirements to Customer’s graphic files (layouts)

You can send or hand the layouts over in any suitable way. The fastest means of data transmission is in the archives of a file sharing website.

Please, enclose the documents below to your layouts:
  • a PDF or JPG file of your design,
  • if possible, a sample of printing (a package of the previous batch or the closest colours).
This will help us to come up to your expectations.

Vector graphics:
  • format: AI (* .ai – version up to CC2014);
  • colour model CMYK, the file must not contain RGB-objects and unnecessary elements;
  • indication to the work profile;
  • PANTONE set (Solid Coated) ;
  • fonts in curves (Outlines);
  • separately text information in the fonts that are not transferred in curves, and the fonts themselves (for potential adjustments);
  • bitmap part enclosed (Link).
Bitmap graphics:
  • enclosed to vector files (Link) and attached separately;
  • PSD format;
  • Colour model CMYK, the file must not contain RGB-objects and unnecessary elements;
  • - indication to the work profile (Profile);
  • PANTONE set (Solid Coated);
  • isolation capability 300 points per inch (ppi);
  • NOT Flattened Image;
  • Deleted Hidden Layers;
  • No Image Compression.

General requirements:

  • Number of colours is 8 max (including white, if any, including white lining);
  • If the white colour is included (pads for metallized and clear materials or varnish), it must not be available in files;
  • The minimum quantity of colour is 3% (with no colour drops when spreading);
  • No combined gradients, containing special colours (e.g., spreading from CMYK into PANTONE);
  • Maximum quantity of colour is 100%;
  • The maximum percentage of colour coating is 360%;
  • The minimum text size is 4,5 pt (including the inner side);
  • The minimum stroke size is 0.2 mm (including the inner side);
  • In case using non-standard PC or Mac fonts, provide them to us with the layout archive separately.
Trademarks and signs
- Provide us in the vector format (* .ai, * .eps, * .pdf).

Vector bar code in outlines:
  • Bar codes EAN-13, EAN-8 must be coloured 100% Black, or 100% dark colour from the Pantone set;
  • Minimum barcode size: 30mm х 15mm (width x height);
  • Convert the bar code into outlines (otherwise there may be problems with further scan reading).
Printing house access rules:
  • ink trapping – 0.2 mm;
  • varnish trapping – 0.5 mm;
  • layout free edge size along the perimeter – 2 mm.

- these elements, if any in the layout, must be added into separate layers or just make them together with Layer - Dimensions.
- provide the sizes from the top edge of the layout to its bottom edge.
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