Doy-pack or
Stand Up Pouch

Stand Up Pouch

This is a stable bag with a flexible bottom, which enables the pouch to stand up even with a light product.
The bag was named after its French inventor Louis Doyen. In 1963 his company developed DOYen PACKaging (or Doypack).
Doy-pack is several times lighter and cheaper in storage and shipment, than similar volume plastic, glass or tin packaging.
Over the past several years the pouch has overgrown the stereotype of being a mayonnaise package, according to Ukrainian manufacturers and consumers, and turned into a safe, light universal packaging for anything – from sugar to windscreen washer, from spices to sports food or fishing baits.
Standard doy-packs of various colours and sizes, as well as kraft paper center seal bags are fast and easy to order in our online store.

Special features and advantages of our doy-packs

Figured form
The pouches may be manufactured not only rectangular but also shaped otherwise (like a jar, bottle, pineapple etc.). This will definitely be eye-catching for the consumer.

Different materials for different sides of the package
We can make a doy-pack from different materials. For example, the pouch back side can be metallized, while the face can be clear. Your product will be seen and look more attractive on the metallized background.

Insert bottom
The doy-pack insert bottom may also differ from the pouch sides not only in colours and materials (for instance, a clear bottom of a metallized bag), but also material thickness for higher pouch stability.

Doy-pack application areas

For dry products: 
  • tea, coffee, cocoa, herbal mixes,
  • breakfast cereals, muesli, granola, cornflakes,
  • dried-salted, sun-dried, smoked snacks: fish and meat products, cheese and cheese products, sweet and salty nuts, popcorn, crisps (potato, fruit), crackers, seeds,
  • confectionary and sweets (marmalade, candies),
  • sports food,
  • pet food,
  • fishing baits,
  • even fine parts of construction kits for children.
For liquid and thick products:
  • various sauces (mayonnaise, ketchup, tomato paste),
  • condensed milk, jams,
  • car care products,
  • household chemicals (washing products and detergents),
  • secondary packaging for personal care products (shampoo, shower gel),
  • pet care products.
Our technology of doy-pack production for liquids protects from pouch leakages along the seals.

Convenient extra options:

  • a zip-lock for multiple reopening,
  • tear notch for easy opening,
  • rounded corners,
  • a spout – center or side,
  • a side handle or holes for fingers,
  • a hang tag.
Aris Ltd. has been a think-tank of novelties on the flexible packaging market of Ukraine since 1992. We make both individual packaging with rotogravure printing and universal bags of diverse colours for you.

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