A retort pouch is a unique alternative
to tins

Retort pouch

In 2017 Aris Ltd has passed all the tests required to produce retort pouches.
The retort material is a special multilayer laminate with high barrier properties to package liquids (food for the military, ready-to-eat dishes). The products inside do not go bad even provided long ambient-stable storage.
A retort pouch is a unique alternative to tins:
  • It can be used to sterilize and “cook” (heat-treat) the product at the temperatures up to 120 – 140 С;
  • Natural product flavour with no changes;
  • Even after opening the product may be stored in the pouch;
  • Production savings: this packaging is several times cheaper than tins;
  • Shipping and storage savings: the pouches take dozens of times less space than tins and are lightweight;
  • Easy to open: no knife or opener is required.

What industries are retort pouches for?

Ready-to-eat dishes for hikes and busy city dwellers
A retort pouch enables to heat treat natural products right in it with no preservatives. As the packaging material consists of several laminated layers, the pouch is heat-resistant – enough for sterilization. Ready made products are ambient stable with the shelf life of 12 months.
A ready-to-eat borshch, mushroom or vegetable cream soup, fish soup, beans, meat dishes with porridge. The packaging keep pleasant food aroma and the home-made flavour. And, whet is more, the minimum weight of the pouch is vital when hiking or travelling.
Food for the military
Retort pouches are vital to pack and supply provisions to the military. They are ordered by manufacturers of meat dishes, sauces, clear soups and broths, fish, preserves, jams, various porridges and cereals with meat, and vegetable ragout.
In retort packaging dry provisions for the military turn into the wholesome home-made meal, but without inconvenient tins. Soft vacuum report pouches may be carried in a pocket or a rucksack.

Retort pouches for animal goods packaging

The widest global market of the retort pouches is that of the pet preserved food. According to different studies, up to 60% of the global market of pet preserved food is produced in retort pouches.

Sterilization is a critical stage in the pet preserved food production. Its objective is to ensure microbiological safety of the products over their shelf life. Sterilization also influences the development of food meat and poultry flavours (owing to Maillard reaction) and flavour enhancer.

Usually autoclaving (cooking when packaged) for the cat and dog food varies from 110°C to 130°C over 7-20 minutes, depending on the product, type and size of the packaging.

Retort pouches shapes and options

Retort pouches shapes and options
Aris manufactures retort pouches doy-pack and three seal bags of different sizes.
Typical sizes of pet food pouches are: 85 g, 100 g and 150 g. The sizes for human ready-to-eat products are from 250 g to 400 g.

Convenient extra options:
  • Tear notch,
  • Hang tags,
  • Spouts for liquid products.
Retort pouches also enable to implement any design ideas and make full colour rotogravure printing.
Aris Ltd. has been a think-tank of novelties on the flexible packaging market of Ukraine since 1992. We make both individual packaging with rotogravure printing and universal bags of diverse colours for you.

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