How China changes

Our company has long time-tested business relations with different Chinese producers. Every year we travel to Shanghai and other cities to exhibitions and to visit our partners.
This time we have come back with three new bag-makers and plenty of impressions of how rapidly China is changing.

Pace of changes in domestic life

The word rapid is just what it is like.
In 2016 when visiting an exhibition we stayed in a hotel – this year it was pulled down and something gigantic is being built in its place.
Last year we passed by a two-level rod junction, this year we did not believe our eyes – it is a 5-levelo junction.
Cities are mushrooming. In Shanghai you can go by one underground line for about 2 hours and 100 km.

How China changes

Pace of new technologies introduction

Here are just two examples:
Last year at the exhibition an Italian manufacturer presented a unique film lamination technology, under which glue does not harden. How many of these machines do you think we saw at this year’s exhibition in Guangzhou? Hundreds.
When we were routinely selecting new equipment for the factory and arranged its startup at our facilities, Chinese partners said: “We are facing the fourth industrial revolution. When the machine is delivered to you, we will connect to it remotely and set it up from China”.
Do we know a lot about the fourth industrial revolution? And they already experience it.

Pace of learning English

A few years ago it was hard to ask for directions in the street, but in 2017 in Shenzhen (a city with 17 million population) every second person could already answer in English.
In Shanghai at the factory in the suburbs an average manager may have poor English (since to get to the Shanghai suburbs from its centre is like to go to another region in Ukraine).
But in the centre of Shanghai any street salesperson speaks English.
Sings in the underground are given with English translation.
The state and private companies are investing into English language teaching to children and adults. At job portals you can easily find vacancies in China with accommodation paid and a good salary for English teachers. Even for Ukrainians – not native speakers. In a few years’ time people will speak English throughout the country.

People: attitude to business partners

People there are very loyal and responsible. If you have come to their factory – you are paid maximum attention. All your questions are answered at once or they note these questions, specify information and get back to you with a ready-made solution. If you need changes in the equipment structure, they listen carefully and try to fulfill everything.
This time we were guided by the director and engineering director of the company. At the same time our technicians were trained.

People: hardworking and determined

Our company has been tightly cooperating with one Chinese partner Rudy for a decade now. He is the owner of a flexible packaging factory similar to ours. When meeting him, it was a small manufacturer with turning machines. Today these are three (!) factories with high technology packaging production and with the geography of customers from the UA to Ukraine.
Perhaps, we have been lucky with partners. But, maybe, this is a common features of the Chinese. They do not show off. The work is done unnoticeably but very quickly.

People: value of education

Rudy’s son is studying in New Zealand. His friends’ and acquaintances’ children – in the USA and Europe. China is rapidly developing right now, because children of the first wave of rich Chinese people have already grown up, graduated from universities abroad and have come back to the country with the qualifications. They collect the best practices from contemporary civilization and apply them for their growth.
We, Ukrainian manufacturers (and the country on the whole) have definitely a lot to learn from China.
Aris Ltd. has been a think-tank of novelties on the flexible packaging market of Ukraine since 1992. We make both individual packaging with rotogravure printing and universal bags of diverse colours for you.

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